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DAVE BAUSCHER’S STOREFRONT A collection of all of Dave Bauscher’s publications that are in print. This is an exciting website by Ewan Macleod an Aramaic scholar and author. He has a great collection of proofs of Aramaic as being the language of the New Testament.  He also teaches Aramaic through videos on his site, and we recommend that you subscribe to his site videos which teach the history, letters, pronunciation and grammar of the language.  We at enthusiastically recommend that you support this site and benefit from the great teaching that Ewan puts at your fingertips.

ONLINE BIBLE  has the 1905 Peshitta NT available as an add on module in Ashuri Hebrew  letters. Hebrew has been written in Ashuri (Aramaic) characters for over 2500 years now. Online Bible is a free Bible program with dozens of free versions available, as well as a myriad of commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, lexicons, Hebrew OT, Greek LXX and several Greek NT editions, supplementary material and books, church fathers, histories, Josephus’ works, etc, all free. James Murdock’s translation of the Peshitta is also available as a free public domain module that displays in parallel to any and all of the other versions chosen for display, including the Peshitta text itself.

BIBLOS.COM has my interlinear up for display and searching, and plans to put up my Plain English translation and parallel editions.
Third flag (red & gold) at the top left of the home page takes you to the Aramaic NT with three selections: The Peshitta NT itself, My Interlinear NT and Paul Younan’s Interlinear Gospels & Acts. is probably the most frequented of all Bible sites, with 164 Bibles, an equal number of church father resources, Hebrew and Greek language resources, ancient histories, hymns, classic Christian books, Theologies, etc. Incredible! Biblos now have our Plain English edition of the Peshitta available for online reading.  To access it click HERE.

Peshitta Research
PESHITTA.ORG: is a home for much information on Aramaic Primacy and research

DUKHRANA BIBLICAL RESEARCH: home of the DUKHRANA ANALYTICAL LEXICON,  with electronic versions of the original Aramaic Manuscripts, many dictionaries of the Aramaic language and very useful tools for the both the casual Bible studier or serious scholar.

Aramaic Lexicons Online

DUKHRANA ANALYTICAL LEXICON: The online dictionary at which uses the SEDRA database of Aramaic words from the New Testament.

COMPREHENSIVE ARAMAIC LEXICON: A very good Lexicon which is continually being updated, based at the Hebrew Union College

Bible Code (ELS) Research
ROY REINHOLD’S SITE: Roy is not only the most prominent Bible Code researchers in the the western world, he has also been a friend of for many years.  His website has much information on Eqidistant Letter Skip (ELS) Bible Codes.  The focus is from the Old Testament where the most Bible code research has been done, however it also features some NT code research.

SCRIPTORIUM:  Source of ancient scribal fonts from various times in history, for Academics, Scholars and Students.

Peshitta Translations In Other Languages
PESHITTA.NL: Egbert Nierop has finished a plain language translation of the Peshitta in the Dutch language.  No interlinear is available at this time. (Note: this translation has not been reviewed by