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Rev. Dave Bauscher is a former high school science teacher with a proficiency in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and has been pastoring, preaching & teaching The Bible since 1976 in several churches in the USA. Dave has retired from the pastorate in order to pursue research, writing and publishing. His focus is on translations and expositions of The Aramaic Peshitta Bible, and biblical topics. He currently teaches a small home Bible study twice a week.

Most of his works, samples & articles can be found on this site.

Rev. Bauscher is currently working on an interlinear translation of The Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament.

Some of his Publications include:

- Divine Contact: Discovery of The Original New Testament - 2006
- The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament - January 2007
- The Original Aramaic New Testament In Plain English - November 2007
- Jegar Sahadutha-Heap of Witness
- The Aramaic-English English-Aramaic Dictionary
- Spiritual Poetry and Meditations- An Anthology
- The 1st Century Aramaic English Interlinear Bible-The Psalms and Proverbs - 2009
  The Ecclesiastes Interlinear was added in 2010.

He currently resides in Cambridge NY with his wife of 39 years, May, from Belfast Ireland, and three of their children, Mark, Nathan and Luke. They have home schooled all of their twelve children.  Dave & May presently have ten grandchildren.

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