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The Aramaic New Testament in Plain English is an exciting and fresh translation of the New Testament Scriptures as delivered to the First Century Church.  

Lets see what others are saying about this translation:

-“Life changing”, “Quite a few WOW! moments”,
-”Brings Him more to life than any translations I have read before”,
-“It is superb. The beauty and simplicity really hit me”,
-”Added more to my understanding of the NT than any other Bible version or tool”

You will be renewed and enlightened as you read from this translation the words of our Lord Jesus as he spoke them 2000 years ago.  As you read the writings of Paul, in this fresh new translation you will see that the Gospel of Christ is indeed Simple.

Aramaic was the language of Israel in the time of Christ and is called Hebrew in the King James Version. Almost all of the names given in the NT are Aramaic names, and we have tried to preserve those names in this translation. According to the first century historian Josephus, Greek was greatly discouraged by the Hebrew authorities and the Hellenists, Greek speaking Jews, were shunned by the Judeans.

You may ask, why do we need another translation of the Holy Scriptures?  Although the subject is highly controversial with some, the author has examined carefully the differences between the texts and found that the words themselves show that the Greek Manuscripts are translations of the Aramaic Manuscripts.  However, the author finds no evidence from the Aramaic or Greek Manuscripts suggesting that the Aramiac NT was a translation of the Greek. This contradicts the theory of most Western New Testament scholars.

Assyrian Christians have always maintained that the original New Testament is preserved in the Peshitta NT, as they call it, meticulously copied since the days of the Apostles. They claim that the Greek manuscripts were translated from the Peshitta NT.  Our research of the actual words themselves has proven scientifically that they are right!


The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament  (with extensive notes)
6th edn. (Hardcover 6” x 9” format)  
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The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English
with Psalms & Proverbs NEW 8th edn. (2 columns) (With Extensive Notes)

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(Note: The Old Testament Peshitta is a first century translation of the Hebrew Old Testament)

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The complete Interlinear Peshitta Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) is available in PDF Only.


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The First Century Aramaic Bible in Plain English  (The Torah-The Five Books of Moses) NEW First edn. (2 columns) (Hardcover 6”x 9” format)

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What is the difference between this translation and other translations that have been done of the Aramaic NT?  This is one of only two interlinear NT translations in print, and probably one of only two complete plain English translations of the Peshitta NT that has been written from the foundation of an interlinear translation.  There are some past and more recent translations, some using parts of bad manuscripts and some using less than acceptable translation methods and with personal agendas.  To read the reasons why Pastor Bauscher embarked on this translation and a summary of the other available translations click   HERE.

Attention has been given to communicate in the clearest way possible the meaning of the original Aramaic to modern day readers of this work. Care has been given to not color the translation according to doctrinal beliefs or any other opinion held by the translator.

Accuracy, truth, clarity, and the glory of God have been the goals and motivation of the translation. The author, David Bauscher, and his editor, Tim Mitchell, feel honored to make available the original Scriptures as written by the Apostles, to all those who love the truth. We pray that you are blessed and edified while reading this translation.  We look forward to hearing how it has touched you.  Click HERE to read what others have been saying about this translation.

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